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Twins Place Vance Worley On Waivers

Worley was the team's Opening Day starter in 2013

vanimal more like scraminal
vanimal more like scraminal

Vance Worley, once upon a time the Minnesota Twins' 2013 Opening Day starter and a key part of the team's rotation for the near future, has been placed on waivers by the Twins, per CBS' Jon Heyman.

The Twins had one available slot in the 2014 rotation.  With both Samuel Deduno and Kyle Gibson pitching much better this spring, and with Worley having been terrible for going on a year now, this move isn't very surprising, and it wouldn't be all that shocking if he passes through waivers.

So, the Twins moved Ben Revere for Trevor May, and their top-of-the-rotation starter from 2013 has been put on the curb with a "FREE TO A GOOD HOME" sign.  Yep.