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Spring Training Game Thread: Twins at Red Sox

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*fart noise*
*fart noise*
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Well, spring training season comes to an end today as the Twins take on the Red Sox. The Twins need to win to tie Boston for the Mayor's Cup. Can they do it? Probably not, but we'll listen anyway.


1. Dozier, 2B
2. Suzuki, C
3. Mauer, 1B
4. Willingham, LF
5. Kubel, DH
6. Plouffe, 3B
7. Arcia, RF
8. Hicks, CF
9. Florimon, SS

SP: Mike Pelfrey

Red Sox
1. Nava, LF
2. Victorino, RF
3. Pedroia, 2B
4. Napoli, 1B
5. Sizemore, CF
6. Bogaerts, SS
7. Carp, DH
8. Middlebrooks, 3B
9. Ross, C

SP: Jake Peavy