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BREAKFAST LINKS: Rain, Hicks' Elbow, Jobe, Teenage Fanclub

I don't think anyone else is out for the season. Doesn't mean it didn't happen. Trust nothing and no one.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Soundtrack: "It's All In My Mind," Teenage Fanclub

  • There was a shitload of rain in Florida on Thursday, wiping out the Twins scheduled pretend game with the St. Louis Cardinals (you suck, Tommy Herr).  Ricky Nolasco got his work in throwing a simulated game indoors.
  • The lack of a game meant no missed game for Aaron Hicks, who has (deep breath) a sore...throwing...elbow.  He told LaVelle it's very minor.  Sure it is.  Sure it is.
  • Speaking of elbows, raise your mug of Folger's to Dr. Frank Jobe, the inventor of Tommy John surgery, who passed away yesterday at the age of 88.  He saved one of your favorite pitcher's careers in all likelihood.
  • Grant Brisbee broke down his 10 worst moves of the offseason.  The Twins are mentioned at number two.  I hope he's wrong, but considering I agreed with a lot of what he wrote elsewhere, hrmph.
  • Ken Griffey, Jr., apologized to Linda Cohn for his weird-ass behavior during a SportsCenter interview.  Your SB Nation buddies have it all broken down into GIF form because we/they like you and want you to be happy.