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Athletics 6, Twins 1: Minnesota Swept By Oakland...Again

Yeah, Mike...we feel the pain, too.
Yeah, Mike...we feel the pain, too.
Hannah Foslien

The Twins dropped their third in a row today, as the A's swept the 3-game series in Minnesota. Brian Dozier put the Twins on the board right away in the first inning with a solo homer, but after that, the Minnesota offense seemed to take an afternoon nap.

The A's were able to take their ninth straight against the Twins, now having outscored them 86-27 in their last nine matchups. Their pitching staff not only kept the Twins off the board after the first inning, but kept the runners off the bases after the third, allowing no hits for Minnesota batters.

Mike Pelfrey, on the other hand, allowed numerous hits, including two 2-run homers. His five innings pitched included 9 hits, all six of the earned runs, four walks, and just two strikeouts. The bullpen team of Sam Deduno and Casey Fien were able to come in and staunch the bleeding, allowing no further runs and striking out a combined three batters and walking just one.

Dan Straily had the Twins number today, as he went a very solid seven innings, giving up just the three hits to Twins batters, striking out five, and walking just two. The Oakland bullpen sealed the deal, as Ryan Cook and Fernando Abad came in for two innings to continue keeping the lethargic Twins offense quiet.

There really isn't much to cover in regards to the Twins offense. Thankfully, Brian Dozier has kept up his offensive prowess, knocking out another homer for the second game in a row. He's got three on the year.

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Good job finding things to talk about while the Twins took a nap played an afternoon game!

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