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BREAKFAST LINKS: Sinker, Buxton, Blyleven, Blitzen Trapper

Everyone's so damn sad.

I love this picture.
I love this picture.
Jim McIsaac

Soundtrack: "Good Times Bad Times," Blitzen Trapper

  • The Strib's Howard Sinker, who was cautiously optimistic prior to the home opener, is decidedly less enthusiastic after the Oakland sweep.  I don't know that I'm quite that negative yet, but Howard's seen a lot more baseball than I have.
  • His co-worker Phil Miller brings the pain in the form of math.  In addition to noting that the Twins have now lost nine straight at Target Field, he provides the current ERAs for this year's crop of free agent starting pitchers after two starts: 7.20 (Hughes), 7.84 (Pelfrey), and 9.00 (Nolasco).  The key thing to remember if you don't want to wander into traffic is the "two starts" part.
  • You know how the future is kind of what we're all leaning on right now?  Yeah, about that...Byron Buxton isn't playing until May.
  • The South Siders have zero sympathy for our collective angst, as Avisail Garcia is out for the season with a torn labrum.
  • Bert Blyleven is about as fed up with the Twins' starting pitching as you are.