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All-Star Game Ambassador Joe Mauer: The Waterpark Is Included When You Go To Valleyfair Now

"The funnel cakes are pretty good, too."

pretty cool deal
pretty cool deal
Stanley Chou

Hi, I'm Joe Mauer, first baseman for the Minnesota Twins. I'm proud to be one of the Ambassadors for the 2014 All-Star Game at Target Field, and part of my job is to welcome visitors to our stadium and our state, and to let you know that Valleyfair doesn't charge separately for the waterpark and the regular park anymore. That's a pretty good deal.

Now, I know there are a lot of neat things happening at the park, like the home run contest and the futures game, and you should definitely go to all those things and the big game on Tuesday. But if you get in early or are staying an extra day, you should definitely go to Valleyfair, because there are a lot of fun rides. Now, you used to have to pay for a park pass and a waterpark pass, and my mom always said we had to pick one or the other, and me and Jake were like, "No fair!" But it was pretty spendy, so she had a point.

The cool thing is, like I said before, they changed it so you just have to buy the one ticket and you can go to both parks. It's a pretty neat deal. The waterpark has a lazy river, a wave pool, and a couple of slides that go pretty fast if you're into that thing. The regular park has got a bunch of roller coasters, and the Wild Thing goes way up in the air before you come down like "Swooooosh!" There's also a bunch of places to get pronto pups, cotton candy and Dippin' Dots, which are like these little ice cream balls that don't get all mushy in the heat. I think they call them the "ice cream of the future," and I'm like, sign me up for that! Pretty cool deal all the way around.

If you can, try to go during the week. It gets pretty crazy on the weekends with all the families and the lines can get real long sometimes. And definitely stay until it closes, because sometimes they have fireworks, and who doesn't like fireworks? Actually, I think Rondell White didn't like fireworks. I never asked him why. He didn't say a lot.

Anyway, I hope you have fun at Valleyfair, and at Target Field. We don't have any rides at Target Field, though, but the escalators are kinda nice. Thanks for coming to town.