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Jason Bartlett Informs Twins He Plans To Retire

Captain Chemistry has apparently decided he would rather hang it up than go through his rehab assignment and continue playing.

At least he was there for photo day.
At least he was there for photo day.
Rob Carr

I guess getting the band back together just wasn't meant to be.

Jason Bartlett has informed the Twins that he plans to retire instead of continuing his current rehab assignment and major league comeback. He was in the starting lineup for Class A Fort Myers on Thursday, but explained his situation to manager Doug Mientkiewicz about an hour before the game.

Bartlett's agent called the Twins on Friday to inform them of the decision. Jason must have some real serious clubhouse chemistry, because the Twins front office actually begged him not to retire and to think over the decision. Bartlett was hit-less in three plate appearances this year before his ankle injury sent him to the DL. He also played a couple of sizzling innings in left field--and by sizzling, I mean something like Delmon Young's Hibachi grill.

The front office does not expect Bartlett to change his mind. On behalf of Twinkie Town, we wish Jason Bartlett the best of luck in all of his future endeavors.