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Twins Claim Sam Fuld, DFA Darin Mastroianni

We thought this might happen.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the week, we were told that the Twins didn't really see Sam Fuld as a fit. Well, it looks like that stance either A) has changed, or B) was a front to screen us from the true intentions of the front office. Because being interested in a fourth outfielder deserves a smoke screen, right?

Darin Mastroianni was taken off of the 40-man roster in December before being re-added earlier this month, and the move to claim Fuld confirms that the organization is luke warm on Maestro. Barring a change, Mastroianni's 2014 with the Twins ends with an 0-for-11 line, including a walk, stolen base, and three runs.

Fuld was designated for assignment by the Athletics eight days ago, making room for the return of Craig Gentry. Fuld was 6-for-30 with two triples, a homer, a stolen base, and three walks and eight strikeouts.

We'll be back shortly with more on Fuld, where we will attempt to answer the question: is he a better option than Darin Mastroianni? Or Alex Presley?