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Wednesday Morning Links: Maldonado, Transfer Plays, Pitch to the Face, Flair in the Game and More

Justin K. Aller

Congratulations to Albert Pujols on becoming the 26th player in MLB history to hit 500 home runs. He became the first to hit two home runs in the same game to reach 500. Trivia question: Who hit two home runs on the day he reached 600 home runs? The answer is hopefully easier than you may first think.

  • Brewers catcher Martin Maldonado had an eventful week. First he hit a baseball just right and knocked the cover off, then he was involved in a bench-clearing brawl caused by Carlos Gomez and Gerrit Cole in a game against the Pirates and received a 5-game suspension.
  • I've previously complained about the new transfer rule on catches and it appears there have been enough complaints that MLB is going to have umpires call these plays just like they did in the past.
  • I'm not linking to this because it's too gross for me, but Delino DeShields, Jr. took a fastball to the face, fracturing his cheekbone. The swelling makes it seem like the baseball was actually embedded under his skin. Google at your own risk.
  • Finally, back to the Carlos Gomez incident where he supposedly pimped a triple too much, I'm a fan of adding a little flair to the game so I'm in complete agreement with Jon Morosi here.
And now to our Lightning Round, which is a little bigger than what we've had lately for your enjoyment.
  1. I know that feeling of flipping over a fence, Carlos Beltran.
  2. Ricky Nolasco apparently loves eating snow.
  3. Penguins on the mound will be the most adorable thing you see today.
  4. Astros manager Bo Porter must have had to cycle through to Thought #12 before responding to this interview question.
  5. I may hate the Yankees, but even I can appreciate it when they turn a triple play.