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BREAKFAST LINKS: Alex Meyer, Kenny Wilson, Low

This is a brief roundup of the things that are new and noteworthy in Twins Territory. And a music video, usually.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Soundtrack: "Plastic Cup," Low

  • When the Blue Jays took Darin Mastroianni back from Minnesota earlier this week, they had to designate their own player for assignment.  That player was 24-year-old, Double-A center fielder Kenny Wilson.  Jesse had all the news you needed on Wilson yesterday, so go read that if you want to be informed.  If you're too lazy to click on a link, the nickel version is that he won't help this year, but the organization is starved for depth at that spot.  If you need further evidence of that, the infielder they were going to use out of position as an outfielder retired last week to set this whole thing in motion.
  • My guy RandBall says it's time to flip-flop Samuel Deduno and Mike Pelfrey.  I have a hard time disagreeing with him, but I'm very compromised and you should question my motivations.
  • That conversation may be moot soon enough, with Alex Meyer waiting in the wings in Rochester.  His latest start on Wednesday was close to porn: 3 hits, 11 strikeouts, 100 pitches.  As noted by Phil Mackey at 1500ESPN, Will Middlebrooks, the Boston third baseman who faced Meyer as part of his rehab assignment, was impressed:
"I asked a coach, 'Who'd he make mad? Why is he here? Are there five guys better than him in Minnesota?'"
(The answer is no, Will, but he's coming off a serious shoulder injury and there are service time issues to consider, too.  We'll see him soon enough, though.)

  • More Meyer: per the PiPress' Mike Berardino, the prospect has picked up a change up from Deolis Guerra, who has been recognized as having the best change-up in both the Twins and Mets' systems.  And here you thought the Johan Santana trade was a bust.