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Tigers Thump Twins, 10-6

Kevin Correia got lit up as the starting pitching continues to flop

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The glass half-full storyline this April is that the Twins offense has been unexpectedly potent, and has carried the team to a .500 record.  The glass half-empty storyline is that the starting pitching has been a mess.  Again.  Friday night, the half-empties triumphed over half-fulls as the Tigers throttled Kevin Correia on their way to a 10-6 win.

Correia was very bad on Friday night.  Again.  He recorded all of seven outs, but not before giving up 7 earned runs on 8 hits and a couple walks.  Have I mentioned that he was bad again?  He was bad again.  Anthony Swarzak got the final two outs of the third, but not before giving up two runs himself.  Detroit tallied seven runs overall in the third, with former Twin Torii Hunter getting a single, a double, a run and two RBI in the inning.

The Twins' starters ERA after this mess is 6.32.  Gross.

With a 10-1 deficit staring them in the face, the offense chipped away at Detroit starter Rick Porcello and the Tigers' unsteady bullpen with some success.  In the sixth, Brian Dozier hit his seventh dong of the year, Chris Colabello knocked in his 27th run of the month, breaking Kirby Puckett's April record, and professional hitter Jason Kubel professionally hit a run-scoring double.  Trevor Plouffe's 10th double of the year in the seventh narrowed the gap to 10-6.

Despite threatening in the 8th, the Twins were unable to get any closer, and Joe Nathan closed out the game with his weird breathing tic and fun goatee.

Still .500, though.

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