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Live Chat! Come Talk With AJ Pettersen (7 pm CST)

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to tonight's live chat with Minnesota Twins prospect AJ Pettersen! AJ will be joining us around 7 pm CST, and you'll have the opportunity to ask all of the questions you have about life in the minors (but not about hot dish or Joe Mauer, please). This thread will be up early so you can post your questions if you won't be around later -- just make sure you stop by after to see if your question was answered!

A quick recap about who you'll be chatting with this evening, from my post last week:

If you don't know, AJ is a Minnesota native (born in Minnetonka) and attended the University of Minnesota, where he played for the Gophers. He signed with the Twins system in 2011, and has been playing SS, 2B, LF (and more recently, CF) ever since. He started this season with the Fort Myers Miracle, but has since moved to AA New Britain.


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 162
DOB: 11/19/1988
Throws/Hits: R/R


-Don't be inappropriate. There will be several mods around -- no hesitation for banning.
-That's really the only rule I can think of. Be nice, welcoming, and remember that he's new to the community.

Thanks, AJ, and everyone else involved!