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Minnesota Twins Draft History: Reviewing 2010

The 2010 draft, according to bWAR, has earned the Twins 0.1 wins above replacement so far. It's a start.

Al Bello

Previous: 2009

When we went back to look at the 2009 draft, it was reassuring to see that two potential cornerstones of the franchise had been selected in Kyle Gibson and Brian Dozier. How does the 2010 draft compare? Let's find out.

First Pick: Alex Wimmers (1st Round, #21 Overall)

We've discussed Wimmers here at length, on a number of occasions, and suffice it to say that personal and injury issues have kept him from becoming the high-floor/low-ceiling, quick-mover that the Twins thought they were getting. Between 2012 and 2013 he threw a combined 20 innings. So far in 2014 he's made five starts and one relief appearance for the Fort Myers Miracle, pitching 27 innings to the tune of a 4.00 ERA. He's struck out 20 and walked 11, and the 35 hits aren't wholly encouraging. At 25, let's hope that a full season will help him adjust and get back some of that feel for baseball that he's no doubt lost over the last couple of years.

Best Pick: Eddie Rosario (4th Round, #135 Overall)

You could make an argument here for Logan Darnell, who is the only member of the 2010 draft class to make an appearance for the Twins, but that appearance was brief, Darnell is back in the minors, and when it comes to potential the dial swings firmly in Rosario's direction. Rosario's development is on hold as he serves his 50-game suspension, which probably means his Major League debut will come in 2015 instead of 2014, but there's no rush for a guy who plays the same position as Brian Dozier. Still, if he can just be "okay" on defense, Rosario's bat is borderline mouth-watering for a second baseman.

Best Name: Grant Muncrief (37th Round, #1125 Overall)

Because you always take a chance on a guy who sounds like he was born in the 1880s and probably looks amazing in a mustache of the same era.

Fun Fact

The Twins have a strong batch of players sitting in the Top 10 of the 2010 draft. Aside from Wimmers, Rosario, and Darnell (6th Round), the Twins also picked Niko Goodrum (2nd), Patrick Dean (3rd), Kyle Knudson (9th), and J.D. Williams (19th). They are all still in the system and all of them, as recently as last season, had varying levels of potential as prospects. Goodrum is obviously the most notable of the bunch.

Other Notable Players

A.J. Achter was taken in the 46th round, #1395 overall, but he's put together a good career for himself so far. He's back in Triple-A again this season as a 25-year old, but he's one of the Red Wings' best relievers. We did wonder if the Twins would consider adding him to the 40-man roster over the winter, and although that never came to pass, he's certainly a valuable member of the Triple-A pitching staff.


College: 28
Junior College: 9
High School: 13

The divide between prep and collegiate preferences wasn't quite as stark in 2010 as it was in 2009. Minnesota alternated college and high school picks over the first four rounds, but seven of the first nine picks were still collegiate selections. From there it was a relatively even split between the three categories, with a slight advantage to the college side.

If you'd like to see the full spread of the Twins' 2010 draft, you can see it at