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LUNCH LINKS: Darnell, Weird Baseball, QOTSA

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A smattering of links and newsy bits for you, the reader.

Yasiel Puig's author photo is striking.
Yasiel Puig's author photo is striking.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Soundtrack: "You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire," Queens of the Stone Age

  • Multiple sources indicate that the Twins are calling up lefty reliever Logan Darnell from Rochester and sending down Chris Herrmann.  Here's Darnell's Baseball Reference page if you want to drill down for deeper meaning.
  • As long as we're doing math, that means the Twins have 14 pitchers on the roster.  Twinkie Town has learned that you're allowed to have a maximum of 25 players total on the roster, which means that, if you subtract 14 from 25, there are 11 position players on the team.  OK, then. (Yes, all the relievers pitched yesterday.  Still.)
  • Did you know last night's game was the longest in Target Field history?  It was! 5 hours and 11 minutes!
  • Weird baseball things happen during a 5-hour game. For example, the Dodgers walked 12 times.  None of the runners scored.
  • Drew Butera hit a home run.  Sweet Drew!
  • Joe Mauer has an on-base percentage of .400, and your dad hates him.
  • The starting pitcher for Los Angeles was named Red Patterson, who is not an old-timey whorehouse proprietor.
  • Aaron Hicks was removed from the game after hitting the wall real hard and having the dreaded concussion-like symptoms.  There are no updates on his condition at this time, but LaVelle mentioned in his gamer that Oswaldo Arcia is a possibility for call-up.