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Twins To Call Up SS Danny Santana

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Twins will call up Danny Santana with Mike Pelfrey and Aaron Hicks placed on the DL.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With Aaron Hicks and Mike Pelfrey placed on the disabled list and Pedro Florimon having missing just about everything at the plate, the Twins have called up Danny Santana from Tripel-A Rochester. Florimon has started the 2014 season by going 6-for-54 (.111). Florimon, who's known for his leather but has never been much with the bat owns a career triple slash of .210/.272/.310. That's an OPS of .581 for you non math-majors and Bert Blylevens of the world.

Santana has spent seven season in the minor leagues for the Twins. He owns a career batting average of .274 during that time, along with a pedestrian .318 on-base percentage and .393 slugging percentage. He made some front-office and media staff heads turn at spring training this season, but he was still to raw to be seriously considered for a lineup spot out of the gate.

So far for the Red Wings this spring he was batting .268 with nine extra base hits, driving in seven runs and stealing four bases. Santana stole 30 bases last season and has demonstrated he can contribute at the offensive level, although much of his value is tied up in his batting average. It's the defense where Santana seemingly could make his mark, but he also committed 32 errors at New Britain last season and 27 in 78 games in 2011.

Eduardo Escobar will take over the every day duties according to Rob Antony for the time being.

Is Santana ready for the big leagues? We'll find out.