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Twins at Padres: News and Notes

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Quick: how many Padres can you name?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Twins (21-21)
San Diego Padres (21-24)


  • Tonight, 9:10 CDT, FSN: Ian Kennedy vs. Kevin Correia
  • Wednesday, 8:10 CDT, FSN: Tyson Ross vs. Phil Hughes


  • The Twins are on the West Coast now, and you know what that means: really late baseball games. Note, however, that Wednesday's game is an hour earlier that tonight's game.
  • Kevin Correia is a San Diego native and apparently has a very large family that lives in the area, so many of his relatives will have the pleasure of seeing Correia suck in person.
  • Actually, a lot of Twins players have family and connections in southern California. The Twins ticket list for tonight is approaching 165 people.
  • It will be interesting to see how Phil Hughes fares at the plate on Wednesday night. Hughes was impressive with the bat when he took batting practice last week, hitting multiple home runs.
  • Remember Rene Rivera? He played for the Twins briefly. He plays with the Padres now.
  • These are pretty good notes, huh?
  • Only three Twins position players have ever faced Ian Kennedy: Trevor Plouffe, Jason Kubel, and Eduardo Nunez. Plouffe is 3 for 4 with one walk and one home run off Kennedy. The other two have a big fat goose egg number of hits off Kennedy.
  • Four Twins players have faced Wednesday's starter, Tyson Ross: Joe Mauer, Eduardo Nunez, Brian Dozier, and Kurt Suzuki. Dozier is the only one with a hit. Mauer was three appearances against Ross and walked every dang time.
  • The Padres bullpen has a pepper garden, and they grow peppers to make salsa they sell at the games. And you thought the Twins were cheap...