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Wednesday Morning Links: Ears, Beer, Million Dollar Arm, Wins, and MLB Census

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I'm tired of softball rainouts. Also, "Million Dollar Arm" was good.

Last week I started ranting about my lack of softball action despite having my two respective seasons (one men's league, one co-ed) start over a month ago. We now have had 7 possible dates scheduled (11 possible games) and I've played a grand total of three games. Effing rainouts, guys. The MLB season isn't the only one that's going to stretch into November, it looks like my softball teams will be as well.

  • Journeyman catcher Miguel Olivo went all Mike Tyson on minor league teammate Alex Guerrero and bit off part of his ear during an altercation in the dugout for the Dodgers' Triple-A affiliate Albuquerque Isotopes. Guerrero needed plastic surgery for the wound and is expected to miss 5 weeks, a huge blow considering the Dodgers handed out a 4-year, $28 million contract to lure him to the States from Cuba, plus he was hitting over .300 with 10 home runs this season.
  • Beer aged in baseball bats? I could get on board with this, even though I'm not much of an IPA fan.
  • I just saw "Million Dollar Arm" with my fiancee over the weekend and it was a solid movie. I felt the movie stuck close to the facts of the actual story of the contest with Dinesh Patel and Rinku Singh, and it appeals to those that aren't even baseball fans. It's a shame to learn that the lefty Singh needed Tommy John surgery and is out for the 2014 season, however.
  • Tom Tango proposes a new way to calculate wins and losses and while I doubt it will ever catch on, it's a pretty interesting suggestion.
  • Here's a census of all MLB players.