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Twins Golden Ticket winner wears Numbersota Tee, looks amazing

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How stylish. How handsome.

Twinkie Town's own Numbersota tees!
Twinkie Town's own Numbersota tees!
Trevour Meyer

The Twins have been running a Golden Ticket competition. What is the Golden Ticket competition? It was a scavenger hunt, where the Twins' Twitter feed announced clues for a location, and then fans would hunt for tickets. Winners picked up a four tickets to each day of FanFest, four jump lane bracelets, four "Eat & Play" combos, and a baseball signed by Joe Mauer.

Read more about the promotion here.

One of the winners, however, was caught wearing one of our Numbersota tees! And that's pretty cool.

Congratulations and well done to these fans! And thanks to the dude wearing the Numbersota tee. Those things are more popular than Trevour and I imagined they'd be. I still get a kick anytime I see someone wearing one of our shirts.