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Off-Day Notes: Hicks, Revere, Span, Suzuki, Valencia, Escobar

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Brass taxes, people. I don't know what they mean, but they sound harder than regular taxes.

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Good Thursday so far? Your Twins are 23-21, which is kind of amazing. There's no game today, but we have lots of content for you around these parts. We might even have one more draft-related thing for you later today.

Let's get to a few bite-sized nuggets.

  • Since the "Call to Gardy" meeting last week, Aaron Hicks has been on something of a roll. Maybe it's just good timing, or maybe there's some benefit rolled in thanks to the extra time he's been putting in, but going back to that meeting Hicks is hitting .333 with a .440 on-base percentage. Wouldn't it be fun if this was a real trend?
  • The Phillies are falling out of love with Ben Revere. And if we're only basing that on performance issues, and we are, then it's hard to blame them. The Good Phight points out Revere's dramatic splits. Think the Twins could get him back for a song? There's your new fourth outfielder...although that arm is still just a wet noodle.
  • Since we've already spoken of two recent center fielders, let's look at Denard Span, shall we? He's hitting .268/.313/.384 in 177 plate appearances, and continues to hit out of the leadoff spot. I love Span and always will, but I'd rather have Alex Meyer.
  • Kurt Suzuki's inside-the-park home run was awesome, but also hilarious. August Fagerstrom takes a look at the slowest players to tally an inside-the-park homer in the last five years. Guess where Suzuki lands on this list?
  • The Royals finally...finally...sent down Mike Moustakas. That means Danny Valenecia is Kansas City's starting third baseman. So, that's fun.
  • Eduardo Escobar is one of the Twins who started hot, and has stayed hot. He's hitting .333/.365/.550 in May, and has gone hitless in starts only three times as far back as April 17.
Enjoy your day, folks. We'll be back later.