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Giants Dump Twins, 6-2

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Twins left all of the runners on base while the Giants did not.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins' recent run of quality play saw starters pitching late into games, the offense making the most of their opportunities and sometimes both in the same game.  That did not happen on Friday, as Minnesota fell to the Giants 6-2 in front of a sellout crowd at AT&T Park.

Kyle Gibson lasted only five innings, allowing five runs on five hits, zero walks and four strikeouts.  The major damage was done by Pablo Sandoval, who belted a 3-run dong in the bottom of the first and gave San Francisco a lead they wouldn't surrender.  An Ed Escobar throwing error allowed another run to score in the third, and a solo Brandon Hicks dong in the 4th accounted for the rest of the Gibson damage.  Gibby falls to 4-4 on the season, with an ERA of 4.68.

The Twins did their level best to get back into the game against Tim Lincecum, with the notable and important exception of run-scoring, which they did not do their level best at.  They went 0-67 (rough estimate) with runners in scoring position against Timmy in six innings of work by the former Cy Young winner, with the runs scoring on a Joe Mauer triple (not a home run typical) and a GENE grounder in the third.

It was a weird game, is the thing you should take away from this story.


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Have a great weekend, everybody.  If you have a three-day weekend, all the better.