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Giants sweep Twins with 8-1 victory

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"What the hell, ball? Stop sucking."
"What the hell, ball? Stop sucking."
Thearon W. Henderson

In the pre-game notes today, we commented on the familiarity that the first five batters in the Giants' lineup had with the Twins starter, Ricky Nolasco. That familiarity may have played a part today, as San Francisco's one through five batters connected for nine hits, helping to rough up Nolasco for seven runs in four and two-thirds innings.

It's the first time since April 24 that Nolasco has gone less than five innings or given up more than three runs, although due to his inability to dominate those decent performances feel much more distant than they really are. He had worked his ERA down from 6.67 to 5.50 before today's game. Whoops.

Madison Bumgarner chewed up the Twins offense and spit them out. That's being diplomatic about it. I'm not sure what else you call that massacre. He went seven innings, striking out ten, and giving up just one run on three hits. That was all Minnesota could muster. Back-to-back singles from Eduardo Escobar and Danny Santana to lead off the third led to a sac fly from Brian Dozier, at the time closing it to a 2-1 game. It was as close as the Twins would get.

The Twins were 0-for-5 with runners in scoring position today, making them 0-for-19 in the series. They also didn't take a walk. Bumgarner was aggressive, forced the Twins to swing the bats, and it was almost over before it begun. Mauer made a fantastic diving stop to his right in the eighth, but other than that I can't promise you that the Twins had any other highlights.

Shrug this one off. You have better things to be nauseated over.


Anthony Swarzak
Danny Santana
Madison Bumgarner


Ricky Nolasco
Trevor Plouffe
Ricky Nolasco
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Eduardo Nunez
Ricky Nolasco