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Tuesday Twins: Thank god for this losing streak, because that was getting kind of weird

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"What if I got to high-five Derek Jeter?"
"What if I got to high-five Derek Jeter?"
Hannah Foslien

Good morning Twins fans! Please enjoy the following links:

  • Twins veterans recently had an interesting conversation on the team bus: "We were talking about how it almost feels strange to be competitive," says Glen Perkins. Thank god the Twins have turned it around for the past four games.
  • And Dozier is sort of geeking out over the possibility of making the all-star team--but mainly because Derek Jeter will be there. ("Especially with my childhood hero." "This would be a dream come true." "I can't wait to finally talk to him." "That would be pretty cool." "That would be amazing.")
  • Joe Mauer had some advice for Buster Posey last weekend: play catcher as long as you freakin' can. "I miss calling the games. I miss being behind there."
  • Meanwhile, in Rochester: coaches are still trying to figure out what's wrong with Mike Pelfrey. "His arm feels great. That's what he's been telling us... The only person that's going to be able to tell us whether he's healthy or not healthy would be Mike Pelfrey," said Ron Gardenhire adding cough cough you're not healthy cough.
  • When Eduardo Nunez made an error playing for the Yankees, fans reminded him about it for weeks. In Minnesota, fans are so desensitized no one really notices, and Nunez likes that.