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Pick Your All-Time Twins Team

This probably won't be easy. It's not supposed to be.

Over at Friarhood, a great Padres site, Steve Adler and Drew Silva put together a fun exercise. Essentially, just like in certain fantasy baseball leagues, you have a payroll for your team. Your job, should you choose to accept it, it to put together a team within your budget.

I've gone through Twins history, position-by-position, and I've done my best to pick out the five best players from eleven positions. Rankings have been adjusted for a combination of performance and legacy (things like All-Star teams and playing meaningful post-season baseball), and for the most part I've tried to stick guys at the positions where they logged the most innings while with the Twins. Mostly, it should be a list of the five best players at each position.

There are 11 positions. Your budget is $33.


In case you don't have a pen and paper handy, here's the matrix to give you a hand. What will your team look like? Also I'm sorry but I couldn't make Ron Davis worth negative dollars. My dad won't mind, though. He's a fan.

Player $5.00 $4.00 $3.00 $2.00 $1.00
SP Bert Blyleven Brad Radke Johan Santana Camilo Pascual Jim Kaat
C Joe Mauer Earl Battey Butch Wynegar Brian Harper A.J. Pierzynski
1B Harmon Killebrew Kent Hrbek Justin Morneau Don Mincher Doug Mientkiewicz
2B Rod Carew Chuck Knoblauch Nick Punto Brian Dozier Tim Tuefel
3B Gary Gaetti Corey Koskie Rich Rollins Steve Braun John Castino
SS Zoilo Versalles Greg Gagne Roy Smalley Leo Cardenas Cristian Guzman
LF Larry Hisle Dan Gladden Shane Mack Jacque Jones Gary Ward
CF Kirby Puckett Torii Hunter Jimmie Hall Cesar Tovar Denard Span
RF Tony Oliva Bob Allison Tom Brunansky Michael Cuddyer Matt Lawton
DH Paul Molitor Chili Davis Jim Thome Dave Winfield Randy Bush
CL Joe Nathan Rick Aguilera Eddie Guardado Jeff Reardon Ron Davis