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Game 28: Orioles at Twins

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Rob Carr
First Pitch: 1:10pm CDT
Know Thine Enemy: Camden Chat

Pre-Game Notes

  • With all the changes on the roster over the last few days, it's worth noting that the team is now carrying 12 position players and 13 pitchers.
  • Sam Fuld and Jason Kubel are, technically, the only two outfielders on the 25-man roster.
  • Danny Santana has been called up, in case you missed that yesterday.
  • Excluding Samuel Deduno, who should be moving into the rotation, Minnesota's bullpen is now: Perkins, Burton, Fien, Duensing, Thielbar, Tonkin, Swarzak, and the newly recalled Logan Darnell.
  • The Twins have finally hit a losing skid - the one we've been expecting since Opening Day. This squad has not behaved as we expected they would, based on teams of the last two or three years. This Twins team has been resilient and, to an unexpected extent, competitive. What will truly separate the Twins in 2014 from the Twins in 2013, 2012, and 2011, however, is how they deal with streaks like this. Hopefully we see the team rebound today.

Today's Lineups

Nick Markakis - RF Brian Dozier - 2B
Manny Machado - 3B Joe Mauer - 1B
Nelson Cruz - DH Trevor Plouffe - 3B
Adam Jones - CF Chris Colabello - RF
Steve Clevenger - C Jason Kubel - LF
J.J. Hardy - SS Josmil Pinto - DH
Steve Pearce - 1B Kurt Suzuki - C
David Lough - LF Sam Fuld - CF
Jonathan Schoop - 2B Pedro Florimon - SS
Wei-Yin Chen - LHP Kevin Correia - RHP