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Arcia, Nolasco Take Out Yankees, 6-1

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A good night for the Twins at Yankee Stadium. This is not a misprint. I am not drunk.

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Ricky Nolasco, with the help of three Yankees outs on the basepaths and three Twins dongs, notched his first win in the month of May as Minnesota defeated the dread Yankees 6-1.

The Twins, who should not be scared of this New York team or this stadium, weren't.  Oswaldo Arcia opened the scoring with a long, LONG home run to the right-field upper deck in the second.  A Jacoby Ellsbury double evened the score in the bottom of the third, but the Twins immediately answered with three in the top of the fourth, thanks to a solo dong from Josh Willingham and a 2-run jack job from Trevor Plouffe.

Here's where we note that the Yankees make three outs on the basepaths.  Brian Roberts wasted a second-inning leadoff single by getting picked off of first.  A hot box or run down took out Brett Gardner in the fifth (I blame Jeter for this).  Arcia added to his stellar night by nailing Roberts at home as the latter tried to score on a Yangervis Solarte single.  These assists helped Nolasco's kind of decent night look like a really decent night, as he got through six innings, allowing the one earned run on seven hits, three Ks, and four BBs.

The Twins added to their lead with Kurt Suzuki and Eduardo Nunez RBI singles in the 8th to make this one of the most comfortable Twins/NYY games in about 100 years.  Meat Raffle, Casey Fien, and Glen Perkins closed out the game for the good guys.

The only downer part of the game was Danny Santana cutting his eyelid on his batting helmet when he slid into third.  He had to leave the game to get stitched up, but there was an actual outfielder in the person of Aaron Hicks to replace him.  Santana's status is day-to-day, per everyone on Twitter.



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Enjoy your weekend, everybody.