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Saturday Morning Brunch & Baseball: Trade Speculation, Bobby Korecky, Phil Hughes, & More

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I didn't want to get out of my pajamas today. But I did. I can't tell you how disappointing that is. So, let's talk about the Twins for a few minutes.

Are the Twins considering trading for an outfielder?

It sounds like St. Louis might be thinking about using their outfield depth as trade bait. Jeff Todd has more over at MLBTR, but essentially the Cardinals have six players who deserve playing time. Three of them are at Triple-A.

Jon Jay, St. Louis' center fielder, is a 29-year old left-handed hitter who is making $3.25 million in his first year of being arbitration-eligible. Since arriving on the scene in 2010 he's a .293/.355/.400 career hitter who doesn't have plus range in center, but he gets to all the balls he's supposed to and makes those plays. For a pretty decent player who would fit in at the top of the order for the Twins, he shouldn't cost an arm and a leg and would, of course, allow Minnesota to send Aaron Hicks to Triple-A.

Bobby Korecky is still playing baseball?

In December of 2003, the Twins sent Eric Milton to Philadelphia for Carlos Silva, Nick Punto, and a player to be named later. Korecky was the PTBNL. He made 16 appearances for the Twins over two stints in 2008, only posting one truly awful outing but nevertheless being the definition of "the guy you call up because you just don't have a better choice."

After being selected off waivers by Arizona in February of 2009, he made seven more appearances between '09 and this season. Yep - Bobby Korecky has made a relief appearance for the Blue Jays this year.

Can he keep it going? We'll see if somebody rescues him from DFA limbo.

Brandon Warne on Phil Hughes

Brandon has been guest blogging at Twins Now, where Mike Berardino covers the Twins for and the Pioneer Press. Yesterday they posted a piece in which Brandon speaks to Phil Hughes about his strong start to the season, focusing on pitch selection and being aggressive. It's good work and highly recommended reading.

Twins scouting Cuban pitching prospect

In the next few weeks we'll start to see results from the organization's efforts with international players. I don't have much to go on with Iglesias at the moment, but if something happens we'll be sure to bring you whatever we can scrounge up.

This is officially my most popular tweet ever

It's probably time to just quit the internet now.

We'll see you back here later today for the game!