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Sunday Morning Twins Notes: Meyer, Bernadina, Arcia

I need a coffee, Mary. Just one cup before you start in with all this nonsense about school.

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Happy Sunday! It's beautiful here with clear blue skies, so here's hoping you're getting a bit of the same. Just a couple of things for you this morning.

  • The Twins have a plan regarding Alex Meyer this year; not in terms of when they want to call him up, but in terms of how many innings they'll allow him to pitch. Assistant GM Rob Antony told Mike Berardino that Minnesota's standard plan is to allow a 30% inning workload increase. That would allow Meyer to pitch roughly 150 innings in 2014 - or about 125 more innings this season.
  • Remember when Roger Bernadina's name kept comping up in Twins-related rumors, and how painful it was? It was first bandied about when the Twins were rumored to be trading Denard Span to the Nationals in the first instance - before they actually did. Well, the Reds designated Bernadina for assignment yesterday afternoon. Aside from a decent season in 2012 he's been the definition of a Quadruple-A outfielder. I don't think the Twins will be doing their waver wire scavenging here.
  • Oswaldo Arcia is doing just find in his rehab assignment with the Red Wings. In five games he's 5-for-14 (.357) with six strikeouts and a pair of walks. Provided he's actually healthy, it would be good to get him back to Minnesota as soon as possible. Arcia is one of the organization's most talented hitters, and he needs to be with the Twins for the benefit of his continued development.
We'll see you back here shortly for the game thread!