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The Band is Breaking Up: Opt-Out Date for Matt Guerrier is Approaching

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Can the Twins say goodbye, again, to Matty G.?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

If Matt Guerrier were just any other guy - if he were just another 35-year old right handed reliever trying to give it one last go-round in The Bigs - would the Thursday opt-out date matter? Truthfully, the answer is "probably not." As good as Guerrier has been as a reliever for both the Rock Cats and Red Wings this season (eight strikeouts in eight innings, four walks, eight hits, one run allowed), it's going to be difficult to find him a roster spot before May 8.

Michael Tonkin, Brian Duensing, Caleb Thielbar, and Casey Fien all have sub-3.00 ERAs. They're not going anywhere. Anthony Swarzak and Jared Burton have scuffled a bit in a small sample size, but their performances over the last couple of seasons likely mean that they're not going anywhere. Oh, and there's Glen Perkins.

But what about Logan Darnell? Since calling him up last week, he's yet to be used out of the bullpen. He hasn't pitched since April 27 - nine days ago.

Perhaps that's the spot. If the Twins are content to A) give Samuel Deduno the new spot in the rotation, B) allow that Swarzak will be the lone "long man" in the bullpen, and C) have "just three" lefties in the bullpen  in Perkins, Duensing, and Thielbar, then perhaps the team would be willing to send Darnell back to the minors and remove someone like Brooks Raley from the 40-man roster so that Guerrier could be called up.

Is it likely? I don't think so. But if it's going to happen, I'm not sure there's another way.