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Twins Roster Moves: Guerrier Up, Darnell Down

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"Zoinks, Scoob!" Oh, please, like you don't see the resemblance between Matt Guerrier and Shaggy from Scoobie Doo.

Andrew Burton

The Twins will purchase the contract of Matt Guerrier, and he should be with the team for Thursday afternoon's game. When I set out this scenario on Tuesday morning, I didn't actually think it would happen. Sometimes it's fun to be wrong.

Guerrier has thrown nine innings in seven relief appearances this season, split between Double-A New Britain and Triple-A Rochester. He was lit up on Tuesday with a homer, a double, and three runs in an inning. It was his second appearance in a row where a home run was allowed, but the seventh inning two days ago is the only time he's really been roughed up this season.

In one of at least two corresponding moves, the Twins have optioned Logan Darnell back to Rochester. Darnell made his Twins debut on Tuesday, giving the team three perfect innings in relief of Samuel Deduno. He should slot right back into the Red Wings' rotation. He'll be back later this year, when another opportunity presents itself.

The second move, which has not yet been announced as of this writing, is regarding the 40-man roster spot that Guerrier will need to take. Oswaldo Arcia is due to return anytime, particularly after being a late scratch for Rochester yesterday, so he won't be transferred to the 60-day disabled list; could Aaron Hicks, Mike Pelfrey, or Josh Willingham go that way?

More likely is that a player will actually be designated for assignment. The most likely candidates include Brooks Raley and Eric Fryer, although cases could certainly be made for  someone like Edgar Ibarra or Ryan Pressly. We'll find out soon enough.