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Twins Roster Moves: Brooks Raley, Sam Fuld, Eduardo Nunez, and Joe Mauer

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There's that 40-man roster spot! And some other things.

Hannah Foslien

With the news breaking that Brooks Raley has been claimed by the Angels, the Twins now have a 40-man roster spot to give to Matt Guerrier. I'm not going to say that this happened exactly how I outlined that it could happen, but I'm going to take credit for being a clairvoyant anyway. Welcome back to Minnesota, Matty G.

In other news, the Twins have lost their backup center fielder for at least seven days. Sam Fuld was moved to the seven-day disabled list due to concussion-like symptoms, which has been traced back to when he caught a hard liner off the bat of Manny Machado in Friday night's game. Fuld had been dealing with a headache since, and it reached a tipping point in last night's game. This is why today's lineup has Eduardo Escobar starting in center field.

In the absence of Fuld, the Twins have recalled Eduardo Nunez. Nunez was up for a double-header in April as the team's 26th man, but has otherwise spent the season in Triple-A where he's hit .282/.293/.385 in 11 games. He'll be part of a two-man bench, along with Danny Santana. That, of course, assumes Herrmann, Escobar, and Kubel in the outfield; Plouffe, Florimon, Dozier, and Colabello around the infield; Suzuki behind the plate; and Pinto as the designated hitter.

As for Joe Mauer, who is the unavailable 12th man, the Twins are considering sending him to the disabled list. He's still sore and working through a regime designed to strengthen and loosen his back, but if he won't be available for the weekend then the team will send him to the disabled list - retroactive to Monday.

If you're not entirely sure who is or isn't on the roster right now, don't be too hard on yourself. The active roster is a revolving door right now.