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Is Eduardo Escobar Super?

Eduardo Escobar is on the cusp of being a Super 2 player this year.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most difficult things to explain to a non-baseball person is the concept of service time, and how it all plays into arbitration. Just to make it more fun, there is such a thing as a "Super 2" player - a guy who has more than two years of service time but less than three. Specifically: a player must have 86 days of service time in the preceding season, and then must rank in the top 22% in service time for players between two and three years. Eduardo Escobar falls into this category.

Coming into 2014, Escobar had one year and 128 days of service time. As a number it's expressed as years, decimal point, days, and so for Escobar we'd mark his service time as 1.128. Provided he doesn't get booted off the roster, which looks very unlikely, he will end the season with 2.128 days of service time.

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the estimated cutoff for a Super 2 is 2.128 days. Which means that Escobar might just sneak in, provided the estimate is on target.

What would it mean for the Twins? It would mean that instead of having to wait for more than three years of service time, Escobar gets an additional year of eligibility for arbitration. Most players get three years of eligibility; the lucky Super 2 players get four.

Escobar isn't the only Twin looking like he'll get a bigger, earlier payday. Entering 2014, the following Twins look likely to be eligible as a Super 2 this winter.

Eduardo Nunez: 2.117
Casey Fien: 1.143
Eduardo Escobar: 1.128

Twins with more than one year of service time but who won't make the cut include Brian Dozier, Chris Parmelee, Pedro Florimon, and Samuel Deduno.