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Game 71: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

First Pitch: 7:10 pm CST
Radio: 96.3 K-TWIN, TIBN
Know Thine Enemy: South Side Sox

Tonight, the Twins begin a three-game home series against the Chicago White Sox. With the AL Central so close, the Twins could easily overtake the White Sox in this series in the standings, and will look toward Yohan Pino tonight to give them that opportunity. Tonight's start will be PIno's first Major League start, after spending 10 seasons in the Minors. Pino will also set a record for being the oldest starting pitcher to make a Major League debut, as his 30 years and 175 days beat out former record-holder Jug Thesenga's 30 years and 127 days.

Chicago will be throwing Jose Quintana on the mound, who has struggled mightily in his past couple of starts -- giving up 10 earned runs over both games. This will be the first time the Twins have face Quintana since the season's opening series.

Eduardo Nunez says he's ready to return after a hamstring strain on Saturday. He took ground balls and ran bases before the game yesterday, and feels he can return soon, after missing 4 straight games.
-Yohan Pino has a 1.92 ERA at AAA so far this season, and it's not even the best ERA he's posted in the Minors -- that would be his 1.91 ERA in Beloit in 2006.

Lineups will be posted when available.