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Josh Willingham's Timely Tips for Dealing With Flash Floods

The Twins slugger shares his suggestions for coping with the rising waters throughout Minnesota

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
  • Keep your weight and your hands back, then explode through the zone and hit the floodwaters with your bat.
  • Swing with your hips!
  • Repeat until the water recedes.
  • For wet basement carpeting, pull up the carpet and hit it with a bat, using the same steady, consistent swing mentioned above.
  • Repeat until the carpet is dry.
  • If the rain and wind have caused a tree to fall on your property, hit the fallen tree with your bat.  As the tree falls apart, take the pieces of the tree and fashion them into more bats.
  • Use these new bats as needed.
  • If your vehicle is stalled in the middle of a flooded roadway, stay with your vehicle.  Lower the window, and begin to hit the surrounding water with your bat.  Use short, compact swings, as your range of motion is probably hampered.  Just trying to get on base here.
  • If you're driving and there's a mudslide, you usually have two options: turn around and take an alternative route, or try to drive around it if you have room.  There's also something I like to call Hammer's Third Way: exit your vehicle, and begin hitting the mud with a bat.
  • Repeat Hammer's Third Way until you have cleared a path and can safely drive through.
  • If you're a farmer and the torrential rain has flooded your crops, you may think it's too late in the season to replant and grow them in time to harvest.  Hammer's here to tell you it's not too late to go out in those muddy, sodden fields and hit the earth with a bat.  Will this make a difference?  Who knows!  Just keep swinging.