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Jose Berrios laying waste to Florida State League

Twins prospect Jose Berrios is a wolf in sheep's clothing. If you're not a Twins fan: he's younger than your team's best prospect in the FSL and he's eating your guy for dinner.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

We need to talk about Jose Berrios. He's been so good this year that it's quickly ballooning his value in the eyes of the fanbase of Twins Territory, and it's easy to see why. He continually chews up Florida State League offenses and spits them out. It's like he's in a video game, and the AI controlling the other team set the difficulty on "Rookie" level.

Yesterday, Berrios rolled through Charlotte. In six innings he allowed one run off of five hits, striking out eight and not allowing a walk. He's allowed eight earned runs in his last nine starts, which is 58.1 innings. His success borders on the absurd.

Let's run through some facts about the Twins' rising pitching star.

  • Berrios turned 20 on May 27. He's 3.2 years younger than the average player in the Florida State League.
  • Among the 25 pitchers in the FSL who have thrown more than 70 innings, Berrios is fourth in ERA (2.09), second in strikeout rate (28.7%), second in walk rate (6.7%), third in WHIP (1.07), and second in FIP (2.35).
  • The only guy ahead of Berrios in each of those categories is Toronto's Taylor Cole. Cole has been a very good pitcher this year. And he is four years older than Berrios.
At this point, other than waiting to see when Alex Meyer and/or Trevor May arrive with the Twins for the first time, I'm not sure there's a Minnesota pitcher that's more exciting to watch.