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Wednesday Morning Links: Female Knuckleballers, La Russa's New Job, New Rule Tweak, and Protective Caps

I don't know what Tony La Russa is doing for the Diamondbacks, but apparently neither does he.

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Congratulations to all All-Star Game attendees on receiving your ASG tickets over the past two days. While I only have standing room tickets, they were the only tickets available, plus they were far cheaper than having an actual seat. That's alright though, I'm just happy to be going to the game.

That is, if I'm not working the game. I figure it would be nice to brag about the ballpark to the out of town guests, which I could still do as a fan, but I figure if I'm working then it's actually part of my job. If I were just a fan, I'd be taking time away from my fiancee (who will be my wife of 3 days then) and I'm not sure that's how she wants us to kick off our honeymoon.

  • Knuckleballing high schooler Chelsea Baker got an opportunity to throw batting practice to the Tampa Bay Rays. I'm disappointed in myself knowing that she can throw about 15 MPH harder than I can, despite being about 8 years younger than me.
  • Tony La Russa said a great deal of nothing in explaining his new job with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Just try to decipher this paragraph:
"I think the most critical thing is, this job has never been done anywhere, so I've never done this job," La Russa said. "So we're a month or whatever it is into it and I've done it every day and my responsibilities are getting more crystallized in my own mind. You simplify it: It's who's playing for the Diamondbacks and, secondly, it's how they play. That's kind of the responsibility that I've been given, and I'm going to share it with people in the organization. We're going to look at who's playing and we're going to coach them."
  • Rule 7.13 was created this year to eliminate home plate collisions. Basically, catchers can't block the plate without the ball, and runners cannot attempt to bowl over the catchers. However, after one egregious enforcement of Rule 7.13 on a force-out at home plate, MLB quickly changed the rule so it's no longer enforced on force plays.
  • Padres reliever Alex Torres became the first pitcher to wear one of the new protective caps. It looks absolutely ridiculous (your Super Mario jokes are not original, folks) but if he feels like he is safer with it on, he's not going to let any comments stop him.
Today's Lightning Round is small but still packed with content....
  1. Such as the Colorado Rockies allowing three runs to score on just one wild pitch.
  2. Such as the Rockies' Corey Dickerson hitting a triple, then falling down and getting tagged out attempting to score on a throwing error.
  3. Such as the Nationals' Jose Lobaton getting a foul tip stuck in his catcher's mask.