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Twins recall Yohan Pino as they send Danny Santana to the disabled list

It was always a possibility.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Late this week, we were all wondering - in the aftermath of the Jorge Polaco call up - who would be the Twins' new fifth starter since the club had to option Yohan Pino back to Triple-A. As it turns out, Pino will replace himself. So that's fun.

The prevailing wisdom was that Samuel Deduno would be moved back into the rotation. But Pino, who would normally not be allowed to return to the Twins for ten days, was allowed to return because of the injury to Danny Santana. Which, naturally, brings us to Santana.

Danny pulled up lame coming into second base on Wednesday. It was considered to be a left knee strain, but the MRI revealed he had a bruised bone, and so he'll get a few days to rest before he's re-evaluated. He's earned his place on the Major League roster, so he'll be back once the Twins determine he's ready to go.

In the mean time, Santana's trip to the disabled list ensures that Jorge Polanco will stay with the team through the weekend. Once Trevor Plouffe and/or Eduardo Nunez are ready to return, which should be Monday, Polanco will head back to Fort Myers.

We'll see you back here shortly for today's game versus the Rangers.