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Red Wings put Trevor May on the disabled list

Please don't be anything serious please don't be anything serious please don't be anything serious...

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Rochester Red Wings, Minnesota's Triple-A affiliate, today placed Trevor May on the disabled list retroactive to June 26.

The good news, or perhaps the silver lining, is that the injury has nothing to do with May's throwing arm. A right calf strain, while not the worst injury in the world, affects May's plant and drive leg. Hopefully a few days' rest does the trick and May can come off of the disabled list early in July. The minor league's seven-day disabled list means May could technically be activated towards the end of this coming week, but calf strains are a tricky thing in that they can be a minor issue or a multi-week (if not a multi-month) process.

Here's more on the grades of calf strain, from

Grade 1:

The muscle is stretched causing some small micro tears in the muscle fibres. Recovery takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks if you do all the right things.

Grade 2:

There is partial tearing of muscle fibres. Full recovery takes approximately 4 to 8 weeks with good rehabilitation.

Grade 3:

This is the most severe calf strain with a complete tearing or rupture of muscle fibres in the lower leg. Full recovery can take 3-4 months and, in some instances, surgery may be needed.

Multiple websites list similar phrasings for each of the grades, although each grade does carry the caveat that the rehabilitation process can be faster or slower depending on the individual and the seriousness of the strain.

It's worth noting that the Futures Game will be played on July 13. May was added to the US roster earlier this week as a replacement, and depending on how serious the calf strain is Tom Kelly may need to find a replacement for his replacement.