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Will the Twins pull off any surprises today?

Surprises? Surely not. Perhaps just the one?

Lisa Blumenfeld

It's Monday morning, which means that at any time the Minnesota Twins are expected to make a pair of roster moves. They involve calling up Trevor Plouffe and Eduardo Nunez, while sending Jorge Polanco and Pedro Florimon back to Fort Myers and Rochester, respectively.

But what if the Twins don't do that? We know that Plouffe is ready to go for sure, and given Florimon's performance at any level this season he's not likely to stick around. But the Twins didn't make any roster moves after yesterday's win over the Rangers. So what if they decide to just get crazy?

What if the front office decides that they like what they see from Jorge Polanco so much that they just decide to ride out his hot streak since, what the hell, they're burning an option this year anyway? What if they decide that there's nothing Eduardo Nunez can quantitatively supply to the Major League team, and decide to just shift him back to Rochester? What if the Twins decide to go Plouffe and Polanco at the five and six, to free up Eduardo Escobar for some play in center field so that A) Sam Fuld doesn't have to play there everyday, and B) we never have to watch Chris Parmelee bumble around out there?

That's a fresh batch of truthiness for you, early on a Monday morning. Let your pre-8:00am brains chew on that one. We'll see you back here later this morning for less speculative Twins-related things.