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Astros trade discussions leaked online

It's fascinating, in its own way.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest news in the world of baseball today is that the Houston Astros had their trade discussions leaked, going from just prior to the trade deadline in June of 2013 through the off-season. You can read the trade deadline discussions here, and the off-season discussions here. Deadspin broke the story and has a more legible translation at the end of their article.

I've had a browse and can tell you there isn't anything in these discussions relating to the Twins. It's not much of a surprise, considering both Houston and Minnesota were sellers at last year's deadline and, over the winter, neither team was in a position to turn around a win-win deal without it being anything more than swapping deck chairs on the Titanic before it even left the harbor.

What is notable, however, is how fascinating these discussions are in their simplicity. They're the same kind of discussions you have with other owners in your fantasy baseball league, and they're identical to the conversations I've had over the last two years during the SB Nation mock winter meetings. The internal machinations of a front office have always been fascinating to me, and what the leaked Astros notes reveal is that there isn't a real secret to how these trades take place. You call, you text, you gauge interest, you play coy, you overplay your hand, you pull the trigger if you find something that works.

Have a look at the Deadspin article at the very least. It's worth your time.