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Wednesday Morning Links: Unwritten Rules, Rookie Contract Extensions, New Moneyball, and More

We've got outfielders pitching, pointless unwritten rules, how Oakland keeps on winning, and a rookie getting a contract extension before even playing his first game.

The end of the school year is arriving, and with that it means that I will finally be returning to Target Field on a regular basis starting on Saturday. Being paid to watch 75% of the game live is pretty sweet (I honestly do more than that, but that's what it feels like most days) and I can't think of many better summer jobs than this. If you want to stop by to say hi, talk about baseball, talk about things other than baseball, or complain about my latest Twinkie Town post, I'm typically in Section 238 in the right field grandstand.

  • Tim Kurkjian interviewed a few major leaguers about the unwritten rules of baseball.
  • In response, former major leaguer Dirk Hayhurst has a post at Deadspin about how the unwritten rules in baseball are completely arbitrary and stupid.
  • Astros first baseman Jon Singleton became the first major league player ever to receive a long-term contract despite having absolutely no service time in the majors.
  • Count Bud Norris as at least one player upset with the Singleton contract, though it should be said that Singleton is already guaranteed more money than Norris, a 5-year veteran, has made in his career.
  • Former major league outfielder Jason Lane has returned to the majors, but this time as a left-handed pitcher. He also struck out Neil Walker yesterday too! Lane was briefly in Twins camp for spring training last year but eventually was cut.
  • Joe Posnanski writes about the new Moneyball going on in Oakland. At the heart of it, they simply are avoiding the mistakes that many other teams make.
Now for the Lightning Round.
  1. Marlon Byrd swings and breaks his bat despite failing to make contact.
  2. I've seen some people in softball hit a grounder that stops right next to the plate, but Dee Gordon managed to do the same while swinging at a 90 MPH pitch.
  3. Ben Revere doing some sort of dance, presented without further comment.
  4. Vladimir Guerrero really could hit everything, including 50 Cent's terrible first pitch.