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What's the new plan for Eddie Rosario?

It seems that the Twins are adjusting their strategy on one of their top prospects.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Since returning from his 50-game suspension, Eddie Rosario has played in seven games for the Fort Myers Miracle. It's a level below where he should be, but it's a good place for him to find his game legs and to get his swing back under live pitching. He's looked better over the last couple of games, and is now 8-for-26 (.308) with four walks and five strikeouts.

The power hasn't returned, but that's not a surprise yet. His bat is coming on, and his control of the strike zone seems as strong as ever. At least, that's what the .400 on-base percentage and walk-to-strikeout ratio insists.

But what are the Twins planning to do with him defensively? As Myjah noted on Tuesday, the organization has apparently asked Miracle manager Doug Mientkiewicz to play Rosario in the outfield as well as second base. How has that worked out so far?

Date Position
May 29 CF
May 30 CF
June 1 (Game 1) CF
June 1 (Game 2) CF
June 2 2B
June 3 2B - CF
June 4 CF

Max Kepler had been the primary center fielder for the Miracle but had been playing in the corners once Rosario arrived. Kepler was back in center for the game on the second and the third, but was removed from Tuesday's game and subsequently placed on the disabled list prior to yesterday's game. The club's primary second baseman, Levi Michael, is unfortunately still on the disabled list.

Once Kepler or Byron Buxton are healthy and ready to go, we may see Rosario bouncing between second and left field a bit more often. For the time being, however, with the Miracle's original starting second baseman and center fielder on the disabled list, and with Anderlin Mejia playing as a capable backup at second, it seems like Rosario will continue to receive most of his playing time in the outfield for the time being.