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Arcia Rolls Ankle, Is Day-to-Day

The team expects to know more today.

ouchwaldo arcia
ouchwaldo arcia
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

On a weird play in the 6th inning of last night's 8-5 loss to Milwaukee, Oswaldo Arcia was picked off second base, rolled his ankle and hobbled through a rundown until he could limp back to the dugout.

Arcia, who had hit a home run with three men on base earlier in the game (you'd think there'd be a catchy name for such a feat, but one doesn't exist, sadly), was termed day-to-day with a sprained ankle after the game, and the team expects to know more today.

The weirdness comes from the situation: with two outs and Arcia on second, Trevor Plouffe tried laying down a surprise, drag bunt.  The Strib's Phil Miller reported that Twins manager Ron Gardenhire was not pleased to be asked if it was a called play:

"You really think I'd put a bunt on with Plouffe, with a man on second and down two runs?" Gardenhire scolded after the game. "Yes, he did try to bunt. Tried to drag bunt. And our guy did the tuna out there and fell down and hurt his ankle."

Arcia, along with a resurgent Josh Willingham, has provided a much-needed power surge in the last week/10 days. The Twins can ill-afford to have this be a lingering issue.