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Twins option Chris Herrmann to Triple-A, activate Danny Santana

The Twins welcome back one of their best surprises from the first half.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Once Danny Santana was ready to come back, somebody was going to have to go. As circumstances have shaken out, that guy is Chris Herrmann who, I think, will be sent back to Rochester for the thirteenth time this season

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm pretty sure this is the third time this year that Herrmann will be optioned. But don't hold me to that.

Santana, who had been shifting between shortstop and center field during his rehab stint, will continue to fill the same role with the Twins that he had prior to his injury. While Sam Fuld has been surprisingly productive on both ends of the ball, and while Eduardo Escobar has finally started to break out of his slump, Santana had been flat out hitting while fielding two of the three most critical defensive positions on the field. And this team needs all the talent it can get its grubby little mitts on.

In 37 games (143 plate appearances), Santana has batted .328/.366/.448. His minor league track record insists he's going to crash back to earth at some point, but hopefully he can keep it up for a little while longer.