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Wednesday Morning Links: Smoking Dope, Lineup Construction, Internal Hacks, Sunday Off Days, and More

A minor leaguer thinks using more drugs will give him a promotion, Bryce Harper thinks he knows all, the Houston Astros need to stop clicking "Save Password," and the Cubs and Nationals were allowed to skip work on a Sunday.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The All-Star teams are about to be announced soon, and count me as one of the many that is not happy to see Derek Jeter leading at shortstop. For those trying to call it a "lifetime achievement" award, didn't we go through this same crap when he was an MVP candidate years ago, and people wanted to justify why he deserved to win? Everyone, his "lifetime achievement" will be when he's a first ballot Hall of Famer.

  • Since players on the 40-man roster are not subjected to drug tests for "drugs of abuse" but minor leaguers are, at least one minor leaguer plans on getting added to his team's 40-man roster by smoking more dope. While it sounds ridiculous, the article notes that it's happened in the past.
  • Bryce Harper returned to the Nationals after an early-season thumb injury, and he instantly started offering public comments on how the Nationals lineup should be constructed. The funny part is that he thinks the replacement level Danny Espinosa should be starting over the more valuable former Twin, Denard Span.
  • The Houston Astros were hacked and nearly a year's worth of internal trade discussions were leaked.
  • The Cubs and Nationals bucked the typical Monday/Thursday off-day trend by having a day off on Sunday. The main reason was at the Cubs' request to not interfere with the annual Pride Parade. I think this means that we can still save the natural rivalry in interleague play, though!
Today's Lightning Round presents some unfortunate mishaps for all involved.
  1. Bert Blyleven approves of Scott Van Slyke being the recipient of the "hot foot" prank.
  2. From a few weeks ago, Charlie Blackmon teaches us how not to play defense.
  3. Denard Span loses a ball in the Chicago fog. I'm not sure why it's okay to continue to play baseball in those conditions.
  4. A pair of errors by the Brewers led to them giving up 3 runs on a single play.