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Twins recall Jorge Polanco

Young middle infielder was only just promoted to Double-A. It looks like he was upgraded to the Majors.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Just like that, 20-year old Jorge Polanco is back with the Twins. He must have impressed somebody, because he passed by everyone we thought would be possible to replace Kendrys Morales in the event of his trade.

In his four games with the Twins at the end of June, Polanco was 2-for-5 in a start and a couple of late-game appearances. Universally a Top-10 prospect in the Minnesota farm system and exceptionally talented, he has his .291/.364/.415 in a league typically run by pitchers. He was also 2.6 years younger than the average player in Advanced-A ball.

Polanco, who has played 86 games at shortstop this year and just six at second base, would presumably spell Eduardo Escobar at short and potentially Brian Dozier at second, although it would be surprise if he was given more than a couple of starts a week. At this point the Twins have little to lose by doing so, but it seems unlikely that such a philosophy would influence the team's decision-making on the topic.

Although, to be fair, they've just promoted a 20-year old middle infielder over more experienced options. Sometimes, all bets are off.

Welcome back, Jorge. We'd love it if you were here to stay.