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Chuck Knoblauch arrested for assault, Twins cancel Hall of Fame induction

Ex-Twin allegedly assaulted his ex-wife.

A Knoblauch mugshot from years past
A Knoblauch mugshot from years past
Harris County Sherriff

Chuck Knoblauch won Rookie of the Year in 1991, playing second base for the Twins in a season where they won their second World Series in five years. He was a four-time All-Star for Minnesota, as well as the winner of the Silver Slugger in 1995, and all-in-all hit .304/.391/.406 while averaging 30 doubles and nearly 40 steals a year.

None of that has mattered for years, of course. It certainly doesn't matter now. But the embattled Knoblauch, rife with problems off the field and a man who had avoided the public spotlight since leaving the game, seemed to be willing to put himself out there one more time when he was elected into the Twins Hall of Fame last winter. The hope was that Twins fans were willing to put the past where it belongs as well, and that Twins Territory would choose to remember him for the player he was (the second-base second baseman in the history of the organization) instead of the assface he seemed to be when he railed himself out of town.

With news that Knoblauch was arrested early this morning for assaulting his ex-wife, the Twins have scrapped the Hall of Fame ceremony that was scheduled for August 23. And no doubt Twins fans have turned from a place of potential conciliatory sentiments to a place where there is no forgiveness.

The Twins released an official statement:

In light of recent news reports surrounding Chuck Knoblauch, as well as direct communication with the former Twins second baseman, the Minnesota Twins have decided to cancel the team’s 2014 Hall of Fame induction ceremony scheduled for August 23 at Target Field. In January of this year, Knoblauch was elected by a 62-member committee consisting of local and national media, club officials, fans and past elected members, using rules similar to those necessary for election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

There's no excuse for Knoblauch's behavior. Personally, I had no idea that he'd had issues with this in the past. This time, good riddance. Hopefully the Twins choose to strike him from the team Hall of Fame results, too.

Update: It's been confirmed that it's not just the ceremony, it's also his actual placement in the Twins Hall of Fame.