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Game 104: White Sox at Twins

Can Minnesota salvage just one game?

Hannah Foslien

First Pitch: 1:10pm CDT
Know Thine Enemy: South Side Sox

Pre-Game Notes

  • This wouldn't be a half bad top of the lineup, if Danny Santana could recapture any of the form that made him a star in the first half of the season. Of course, by "not half bad," I mean "potentially adequate at times," which would definitely be an improvement.
  • Yohan Pino's second start with the Twins after the All-Star break? It will go better it will go better it will go better it will...
  • Trevor May has not been called up. Alex Meyer has not been added to the 40-man roster. This has been your daily May-Meyer watch.

Today's Lineups

Adam Eaton - CF Danny Santana - CF
Alexei Ramirez - SS Sam Fuld - LF
Jose Abreu - 1B Brian Dozier - 2B
Adam Dunn - DH Trevor Plouffe - 3B
Dayan Viciedo - RF Oswaldo Arcia - RF
Conor Gillaspie - 3B Josh Willingham - DH
Alejandro De Aza - LF Chris Parmelee - 1B
Gordon Beckham - 2B Eric Fryer - C
Adrian Nieto - C Eduardo Escobar - SS
Scott Carroll - RHP Yohan Pino - RHP