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Twins trade rumors: Suzuki, Willingham, Correia, Duensing, Fien, Fuld

This afternoon's daily wrap courtesy of opinions from around the interwebs.

Leon Halip

I'll keep flipping back and forth between the content dashboard and Twitter in between sentences, but as of right now the Twins have yet to make a follow-up trade to the Kendrys Morales to Seattle maneuver. Here's what some of the best and brightest have for you today.

  • LEN III had a nice overnight update, including how the front office will function this week as it handles the trade deadline and a road trip simultaneously. He outlines the situations of Kurt Suzuki, Josh Willingham, and Kevin Correia, but he also throws Brian Duensing and Casey Fien into the mix. Both relievers are having very good years and, while they won't bring back a major haul (nobody will), they're both good enough to lend a contender some serious bullpen cred. The bullpen has been an under-the-radar target for Minnesota so far, but it wouldn't surprise me to see one or two guys go.
  • Mike Berardino talks to Glen Perkinswho throws his hat into the ring by endorsing an extension for Suzuki. This comes on the heels of a note saying that the Twins field staff is lobbying to keep him around as well. Time is running out, but although Suzuki is Minnesota's most valuable trade chip it wouldn't surprise me to see nothing happen at the deadline in the hope that common ground can be found for a new contract.
  • Buster Olney thinks that very few contenders need a catcher (Insider required). I clearly disagree, as I outlined five teams that could use an upgrade behind the plate.
  • Ted Schwerzler of Puckett's Pond has been busy today, outlining what he thinks the Twins could get for CorreiaWillingham, and Suzuki. He argues that, of the three, it's Correia who holds the most value - not because of what he'll bring in return, but because of the roster spot he'll open up for younger, more talented pitching. It's hard to argue.
  • Remember when Sam Fuld sucked for the A's and they let him go to the Twins for nothing? Well, Fuld has been good for the Twins, and the A's think they need help. They might have interest in bringing him back. Count me wrong on that one, as I'm on record as saying that I have no idea what possible trade value Fuld could have. The question worth asking: would the Twins just roll with Danny Santana in center field?
  • This isn't a trade rumor, but Matt Guerrier has cleared waivers. He'll refuse his assignment and elect free agency.
I'm grabbing something to eat, and I'll be back with more this afternoon.