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Orioles out of Kurt Suzuki sweepstakes?

One bidder down. Maybe.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

It's easy to see this for what it is - a death knell on the trade rumors revolving around Kurt Suzuki - but we also thought that the Cardinals were done with Suzuki after signing A.J. Pierzynski. But here's the thing: if the Cardinals and the Orioles actually aren't interested in acquiring Suzuki, then they're not actually all that interested in doing everything they can to ensure they're built for a run not just to October, but through it.

Here's the sentence from Joel Sherman's article for the New York Post (emphasis mine):

Baltimore also would like to add a lefty reliever, upgrade at second base and find offensive help at catcher with Matt Wieters out for the year. However, the Orioles are said to be concerned about adding a catcher and integrating him with a pitching staff at such a vital point of the season. A source with insight into the Orioles’ plans says – despite rumors – they are not in on Minnesota catcher Kurt Suzuki.

Forgive me for feeling a bit dubious. As Baltimore desperately searches for starting pitching and whatever offense they can muster to shore up what is admittedly a mediocre group, are we really going to believe that they aren't in on the one truly good catching option on the market?

I'm sorry, I really am. I don't mean to laugh. But good luck staying in front of the pack with your 4.2 runs per game, Baltimore front office.

It's not that the Orioles are unwilling to move their top young pitching talent. There isn't a team in their right mind that would swap one of those arms for Suzuki, and if that's the only thing that Minnesota is willing to accept in exchange for their catcher then they're being absurd. Just as absurd as Suzuki's agents expecting a three-year extension worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $24 million.

There does exist a scenario where the Twins get a nice return for Suzuki without dragging the other team over the coals kicking and screaming. There's also a scenario where the Twins are able to extend Suzuki on a contract that is fair and equitable on both sides. If both of these things are not to be done, then it's because one or both parties are too stubborn or otherwise don't realize the true value in the exchange.

We'll see how this plays out. But I seriously doubt that Baltimore (or any of the other four contenders, for that matter) are really all that "out" on Kurt Suzuki.