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Wednesday Morning Links: Scully, Poulson, Difficult GM, and More

The best broadcaster in sports is returning for another year.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings! I have now been married for 2 1/2 weeks and am back from my honeymoon in Belize. Before you ask, no, married life does not feel any different. Belize was amazing, and if you have any questions on what I did or what it was like, you can check out this little thing that I wrote a few days ago.

  • The Dodgers announced yesterday that Vin Scully will return next season for his 66th year, and the way they did it was pretty impressive as well. They showed a video of the announcement in three ways, first in Korean with Hyun-Jin Ryu, then in Spanish with Yasiel Puig, and finally in English with Justin Turner.
  • We already have a story up about 24-year old undrafted flamethrower Brandon Poulson, but here's a more in-depth article about the path Poulson took before he was signed by the Twins yesterday.
  • In spite of the trade that netted them Kendrys Morales from the Twins, Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik is developing a reputation of one of the most difficult GMs to talk trades with other teams.
  • Dirk Hayhurst writes about the sexual exploits of some of his minor league teammates from back in 2003, and some of it is tough to read.
  • The Orioles were upset when the Montreal Expos moved to Washington and became the Nationals because it would infringe on their territorial rights, so TV station MASN did not have to pay the Nationals the same as the Orioles to broadcast their games. Now that discount is over and the Nationals want to be paid fair market value, but everyone is getting into a legal fight over this now.
  • That sleeping Yankees fan that is suing ESPN for "hateful" comments on the air continues to be insane, as he complains that he's been "broadcast on TV and all over the media." The insane part is that he made that comment while on national TV with Today's Matt Lauer.